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Our first TM Bear has poise and dignity. He turns heads due to how he carries himself. He is the Rubix Cube of our dogs! He is very complex but we strive to understand what is in his head and his heart.

Bear's Page


Our loving Golden Girl. She takes a little while to know you but once she does she will love you always. She is simply a stunning girl, beautiful on the inside and out. She will make your heart melt.

Goldie's Page



Our adorable Big Man! So confident and friendly, so self assured and welcoming. Loves to play games and act the fool. He can make you smile whatever mood you are in. He is big all over with a big heart.

Panda's Page



Our Estonian Princess So sweet and adorable yet strong and powerful. She is our feminine version of Big Panda, we are very proud of her.

Indigo's Page

Our first Lion, for Aslan has the longest coat and mane. He has the most loving nature to those he trusts. His big size can be overwhelming until you understand he is like marshmallow underneath all the fur! He is simply a stunning boy.

Aslan's Page

One word: GOOFBALL! He is so happy, so loving, so confident and simply loves life. He brings a smile to all who meet him. Just a joy to know and love.

Blackie's Page

What a sweet, sweet girl. She doesn't have much going on 'up top' but we don't mind. She is adorable and loves with her whole heart. She loves just being with you and likes to be close. Winnie is one of a kind.

Winnie's Page

Fozzie is our gentleman. Courteous, well behaved and agreeable. Nothing much bothers 'the Fozz'. He melts you with his soft expression. He loves to cuddle you back and he is the one all the girls like because he treats everyone so well.

Fozzie's Page

Eyes to melt your heart, this boy is the perfect combination of his mum and dad. A World history making Tibetan Mastiff, but at home, just a boy who loves a cuddle and to fetch a ball - yep, that's right, this TM likes to retrieve!!



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