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Fozzie, another show star! He came to us as one of the youngest ever U.S. Champions in history. His structure, size and overall balance makes this boy stand out amongst other great dogs. We are truly blessed to have him. Since coming to Australia he has taken out many Best In Group Wins and has done us proud. Many judges think a great deal of Fozzie.


Fozzie Photos

"He loves us and we love him, he's our Fozzie Bear"

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Dawa Fozzie Chongyi for Shanti Soul

G Grandparents
US CH Chario Bohemia Bal-Jul (Czech Republic)
Popay De Yuwenchi
Chariowald of Pi Sheng Kennel
Bildo of Pi Sheng Kennel
Hemi Bohemia Bal-Jul
Pema Du Ru Dela Valliere
Sierras' Majestic Mufasa
US CH / CAN CH Drakyi Aura of Simba at Dawa
Buddha's King Kong Drakyi
Drakyi Baba Yaga
US CH Timberline Barni Drakyi
Drakyi Turq'Alia
Timberline Barni Drakyi
Drakyi Mulan


Fozzie Pedigree Photos


Fozzie Facts

Aka "Fozzil" and "Fish Face Fozz"

Fozzie came to us from the US at the age of 10.5 months. At first sight of him in his run at Quarantine I was blown away! He jumped up and gave me the biggest hug on 2 paws I have ever had! When I managed to get him to stop hugging me (!!!) we walked to the exercise yard and then I had the chance to really have a good look at him. This boy was big, tall, had such amazing structure - and BOY was he SILLY! He ran and jumped and skipped along! He pounced and rolled over one way and then back the other and he seemed to smile all the while. What a joyous boy this one is! He's our beautiful big boy.  A real sweetheart.  He's got a very soft and gentle nature.  He loves his soft toys and he is a real Casanova with the girls!!

Born: 10th January 2010

Temperament: Silly, Childish, Funny.

Best Friend: Winnie.

Most Loved Pastime: Being Fozzie! Going to shows with my dad.

Hobbies: Acting the Fool! Cuddling his teddy bear and acting like a nanny to our children.

Favourite Food: Liver!

Biggest Crime So Far: I am perfect and have never destroyed anything but a few dog beds and they were asking for it.

Our Favourite Thing He Does: Hugs!

Our Favourite Thing To Do With Him: Cuddle and just watch him love life.

Our Favourite Fozzie Bad Habit!: Stealing teddies.

Wants to Be When Grows Up: Star in the remake of The Great Muppet Caper.


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