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Yes it's a lot of effort, but the dogs love being groomed, (Bear and Panda especially like the massaging feel of the blow dryer on their chest and under their chin. You should see the Big Dorks when they know it is their pampering time!!!!!)

They enjoy the drive to the show taking in the interesting smells and the wind in their hair. The dogs love to get out of the car and explore the show and meet new furry friends so are mostly willing to run around the ring a couple of times to amuse me!!

For me, I love the special time of grooming the dogs. It is a time for them and me to be close and loving and if I am not mistaken they seem to appreciate me looking after them in this nurturing way...

I love saying: "Want to go to a Show?!" and seeing their faces light up (they already knew with all the grooming but NOW is the time they can get excited) and WOW when when I say: "In the Car!" they are out the door, waiting at the car in a shot!

I look forward to the drive with them and seeing how excited they are to be going somewhere new like Great Explorers! And the day itself, well we love the wandering around, catching up with people and then really just watching the world go by with my best friends right there with me.


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