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“Shanti” means “peace and tranquility” in Tibetan so we have used “Shanti Soul” to describe this majestic, honourable and very soulful guardian.

My family discovered the Tibetan Mastiff for us by doing a search on the internet – curious to see what breed might encapsulate some of we hoped for in a new family member. We put down ALL the elements we wished for in a “magic, ideal dog” and up came the Tibetan Mastiff!

We had not heard of this breed or seen one ever before but they did seem to be everything we hoped for in a dog. Lots of research, doubts and books later, not to mention photos and visits to kennels I was hooked.

I won’t say that learning about their strong guarding instincts and their wood eating ways did not worry us, but we have found the intricacies of the breed fascinating and would not want them any other way!

We love our dogs and treat them with the respect the breed warrants. We love to play with them, socialize them and sometimes just watch them!

They live indoors especially during the evening, but must have their mediation, guarding and fun time outside also.

In Australia and then in Europe we were active in breed information and conformation showing. We also feel it our duty to promote the breed, particularly within Australia where not much is known about this breed.

This is why we have imported 5 TMs, 4 from World Winning parents! Our imports have beautiful type, structure, size and substance. We want to share with people the very best we can. This is why we have invested heavily in time, energy, money and frustration! Getting the best pups from, in our opinion the best litters in the world, ensuring they are loved, socialized and shown in Europe and then ready to leave at the age of 10 months for Australia, then going through the worry of the long flight and then a month in Quarantine at the time we asked ourselves if it was all worth it… but it has been!

They are our best friends. They are our family.

We strive to breed the best quality dogs possible, to honour the wonders of this breed and to enjoy daily life with our pack!

Kathryn Hay



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