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The Future of Shanti Soul

Many people have been asking us what our plans are for early next year so we took the time to get this information to you so you can plan, knowing if you would like a fur baby, we can help.

We are very excited to present these quality dogs to you. These dogs will be giving us beautiful, blessed puppies.

We did not have much success last year with our breedings and many people missed out so we don't want that to happen again so are planning multiple litters and simply cannot wait to share the puppies with you.

Please let us know urgently if you would like one of these fur babies.

Please know we only want our puppies to go to people who offer lifelong homes and are willing to love, train and spend their lives with a loving companion.

Pair One:




Note: These photos were taken when Fozzie was young and out of coat.

Other dogs we are possibly breeding from next year:







Please contact me if you would like to learn more about these puppies!





Advanced Reservations Recommended for future litters. For puppy enquiries, please contact us directly or submit a Puppy Questionnaire.
Please know that within Australia Shanti Soul does not sell with breeding rights. If you wish for your dog to be shown then our name must remain on registrations to protect ourselves.




Here at Shanti Soul we breed from the very best dogs from around the World.


Not only do our dogs have many World Winners and International Champions behind them - they themselves are Inter-Continental Champions and stunning examples of the breed.

We have imported many of the most beautiful dogs from around the World.

Shanti Soul is home to the giant sized Tibetan Mastiff with incredible type, huge coat and mane and big, strong bone.

But breeding from beautiful looking dogs is not enough for us.

Importantly our dogs are all thoroughly tested before they are part of our breeding program.

Every dog has X-rays taken on their hip and elbows and these X-rays sent interstate for formal assessment before being considered to produce puppies.

Also our dogs have their overall health checked and we also thoroughly assess temperament.

Aslan Indigo

We encourage people to only buy puppies from breeders who work hard for the breed in all respects and who are active members of a Canine Association. Very importantly buy only from registered dogs who are registered with a Canine Control Association - not simply with a Council and most importantly, dogs who have been hip and elbow x-rayed, health checked and temperament tested.

To us temperament is equally important to health because we are merely the custodians of this incredible breed and our actions can either secure and benefit the breed or ruin it.

Whilst remaining true to type, our dogs are very well socialised, confident, happy dogs.

We can run all of our dogs together to interact and play and invite people to come and meet them.

Troy Troy

First and foremost our dogs are our family. They also attend dog shows and our kennel is No. 1 in Australia.

Shows*** Shanti Soul is home to: ***

Nationally The No. 1 Best of Breed TM 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.
Nationally The No. 1 All Breeds TM 2009, 2011 and 2012.
Nationally The No. 1 Rising Star TM 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

And home to Best In Show and Best In Specialty Show Winning TMs.

But our dogs also go for car rides, walks down by the river, through the mall and to the dog park. They watch tele with us on the couch and often snuggle with us in bed!

The puppies we bring into the world are our most precious contribution in life.

They are raised with great care, devotion and love.

Puppies at Shanti Soul are given every opportunity to grow, learn and to trust.

They receive a lot of socialisation with other dogs, strangers and children alike as well as crate training, pen training, toilet training and loads of handling.


Wuppies in bed

We play music and various strange noises to our fur babies, work hard to ensure they are comfortable with having their nails clipped, paws touched, ears checked, etc so that when puppy is a huge dog he or she will let you and others do what is needed for their general health and care. Nothing is worse than watching a dog scared and struggle to get away while their mum is just trying to cut their nails for their own good. I have seen a dog taken to the vets and have to be held down by 3 people while he screamed and fought to get away just to have his nails clipped. How sad this was when none of this was needed and could so easily have been overcome during puppyhood.

Kids Noises Kennel

Before puppies leave us they are themselves temperament tested, structurally checked and their overall quality assessed - not only by us, but 3 independent experts during a formal assessment day. They are health checked by veterinarians and come wormed, vaccinated, microchipped and registered. They come to you with their health certificate, their puppy folder, puppy pack and their favourite toy!

Evaluation Vet Going Home

We are here for our puppy families for the entire life of their puppy and we have a vet nurse on board who is available for any inquiries which I may need more advice on before helping you. Over the years we have written training guides which we send to our puppy parents to help them in every aspect of raising their puppy. To the best of our ability, we are here to help and we love to share in the joy your Shanti Soul puppy brings you!

Puppy Puppy Puppy
Puppy Puppy Puppy
Puppy Puppy Puppy


To produce healthy, happy, well socialised and empowered puppies which grow into sound dogs who live long wonderful lives loving their families and enjoy all sorts of experiences during their lives.

We aim to produce the VERY BEST examples of the breed and will never stop striving to be the most caring and attentive breeders we possibly can be for the sake of our dogs, the puppies we bring into the world and for the families who become part of the extended Shanti Soul family.


Current Litters



Photos of Current Puppies will be posted here!




Past Litters

2009 :: CH Kyeho Sir Lancelot   x  JR CH Sengkhri Dkon Mcog




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