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Puppy Testimonials



I would like to share with other dog lovers the story of how my family's life changed when we welcomed 'Storm' into our lives. Over many years I have owned three Rottweilers and a British Bulldog and was drawn to a Tibetan Mastiff because of my fondness for powerful, majestic dogs with character. I had lost my five year old British Bulldog to cancer in a short space of time. This was such an incredibly sad time. So much so my husband and son both said "NO MORE DOGS! It's just too sad when you lose them"- because in our family our dogs ARE family. Six long months with no dog left us all pretty miserable. To make our house and home again we needed another dog to share our lives with.


I can't tell you how much searching I did to find our next dog. I wanted something different, which I would love with my whole heart. I couldn't decide. A good friend of mine was talking to a trainer about my needs and he showed her a picture of this large, furry, mostly black dog with real attitude. I had found my next breed: a Tibetan Mastiff! After reading absolutely all the information on the breeder's site I was directed to I filled out the puppy application form. I might add, this form was quite intense to see if I was a suitable to be owner of a Tibetan Mastiff After more communication and Kathryn discussing my needs with the professional dog trainer who actually recommended Shanti Soul to me, I was approved. It was during this communication with Kathryn I thought about how much both Kathryn and Troy give to their dogs and puppies.


They are the most dedicated breeders I have known and have the finest Tibetan Mastiffs on record. This truly is their life's calling. From the first time I spoke to Kathryn regarding my new fur baby I felt sure I had made the right choice of breeder and I set the bar high in that regard. I even felt honoured to become part of the Shanti Soul family Kathryn and Troy are truly wonderful dog breeders, they live and breathe for their fur babies. What more can a dog owner ask for? I have never met Kathryn or Troy in person but I felt so close to Kathryn over the months we had been discussing these dogs, waiting for her babies to be born that I asked her to choose my baby for me. What a smart move.


My precious 'Storm' What a beautiful, large, furry, intelligent, strong, loveable dog. From the very first night he arrived he stole my heart and the hearts of all of our friends and family too, from four years of age to my 88 year old step mother and my 92 year old auntie! What's he like? Well he is super cuddly, will boomp you if you stop giving him attention, but he also always has our well-being at hand. He has changed our lives. He is simply AMAZING. He is a people stopper and boy does he know it. He is a big, regal fluffy bear. When I take him for a walk he glides, head high, tail curled and says LOOK AT ME! I am the Best. And yes he is! Kathryn and Troy you guys are THE BEST. I thank you every day for my beautiful dog and you know how beautiful he is because I send photos all the time! You are wonderful people. True to your calling and truly the BEST TIBETAN MASTIFF BREEDERS. You are honourable people and it is my privilege to have a Shanti Soul dog in my life.



My obsession with TM’s started when I met, and fell immediately in love with these magnificent, regal animals. After extensive research I came across Kathryn’s web site “Shanti Soul” Then after extensive emails between Kathryn and myself , then filling out a questionnaire Kathryn matched me with a gorgeous golden girl who I have named Gemmella
I picked Gemm up at the airport with mum and it was love at first sight. I called Kathryn as soon as I picked her up to let her know that Gemm had arrived safely.

Over the next few months I emailed Kathryn with any questions I had, which was great as no question was to silly or unimportant. Kathryn was at the end of my computer whenever I needed her. Gemm continued growing and has turned out to be a gorgeous girl, she is very energetic, loyal and has become just one of the family who loves hugs and cuddles. (Especially in bed.)

Thor in the ring Thor

I first met Kathryn ( In person) at the “All Mastiff Show” in Melbourne where I got to meet Gemm’s dad, brothers and sisters and cousins all of which were wonderful, gorgeous, and magnificent animals. We found that Kathryn and Troy are both wonderful people, who are happy to share their extensive knowledge, experiences and expertise with you. They made us both feel as though we are a part of their family.

A few months later we met up again with Kathryn and Troy at another show were Kathryn told us she needed to rehome a male TM.

Three weeks later we welcomed Thor into our family. Thor is a big, easy going and very laid back boy, who thinks all people are put on the earth to pat and love him. Gemm and Thor were instant friends who love to run and play together.
I have now begun showing Thor. Kathryn and Troy were both very happy and willing to show me how to stack him and groom him for the ring.

2011 Specialty Winner
Thor Winning 2011 Specialty at 14 months

They have both been the most wonderful friends to my mum and myself and truly love the TM’s they breed. A lot of time and effort goes into these TM’s and it shows. Kathryn dogs have the most wonderful temperament, structure, and all round fantastic natured animals that I would recommend to anyone.

I am very proud and privileged to be the owner of two of her beautiful dogs and I am looking forward to owning more of Kathryn’s dogs in the future.

Thanks so much Kathryn.

Jenny Owner of Gemmella & Thor




What a pleasure it has been to deal with Shanti Soul. Troy and Kathryn are the most passionate, professional dog breeders we have ever experienced.


From the moment I first touched base with Shanti Soul, I was impressed with the promptness of their replies, the thoroughness of their answers to my queries, and their determination to ensure that their dogs were only placed in the best possible homes.

We acquired our first Tibetan mastiff, Koda, some 5½ months ago and have 2 more due to arrive mid this year.


Kathryn and Troy have gone out of their way to be more than helpful with information and encouragement, not only in the stages leading up to the collection of the puppy but certainly post delivery, their service, attention to detail and willingness to help with any problem has been phenomenal. Both Julie and I have become good friends with Kathryn and Troy, and we cannot recommend them more highly if you are considering obtaining a Tibetan mastiff.


Richard and Julie Owner of Koda

Baj Baj

Baj never ceases to amaze us, we simply adore everything about him, from his loyal guarding nature to his stunning good looks and the cute irresistible face he puts on when he knows he has been doing something cheeky.

From the very start, Baj was our pick from Bear & Goldie's litter of eleven, after seeing his photo's on the shanti soul website we were hooked!!

Baj Under 10 Months Baj Under 10 Months

He has always been stunning and sparks interest wherever he goes, just by looking at him you can see that he is destined to grow up to be an excellent example of the breed, with his solid structure, beauty and loyal nature. Where ever we take him, whether it be the beach, the park or even the vet for a check up, he turns heads and we are overwhelmed with complements from all who set their eyes upon him. You know that quality is assured when you see this puppy in action! His solid structure, prominent mane, beautiful rich markings and the elegant and graceful manner in which he carries himself truly make him a remarkable sight.

Baj under 10 Months

I have had numerous dogs before including TM's however Baj has definitely proven to be a dog apart from the rest, his unique personality, playful and at times cheeky nature all make up what we today know and love as Baj.

His presence in our household is a blessing and he has become much more than just a dog, he has become family. I'd just like to thank Kathryn for giving us the opportunity to get to know this little bundle of joy! :)

The Bains Family Owner of Shanti Soul Bear's Golden Son “Baj”




We were very fortunate in June 11 to receive the most precious little fluffy bundle of joy - Dora. After having decided to get a puppy from Kathryn, I had sent a huge list of 'puppy must have' and 'puppy must not have's'. And both my husband and myself believed there was no possible way any puppy could possibly tick all the boxes. But we were definitely wrong - Dora is simply amazing, she is a better puppy then we ever believed possible. Kathryn selected exactly the right puppy for our family. When we got Dora as a 8 week old puppy she was so well balanced, so happy, calm, confident, obedient, toilet trained, crate trained, and socialised. Dora was never any hassle, she just fit perfectly into our family. Dora has always been great with all my children including a baby, she gets along perfectly with our older dog and is great with our goats, sheep and lambs. It was very obvious that Kathryn had put so much time and energy into the puppies, as Dora was never anxious in any new situation we put her in, she has always taken on any new challenge in her stride. Dora has never been concerned by screaming babies and rowdy toddlers, she is always calm and can sleep through anything - generally on her back with her legs in the air and snoring! At 14 weeks of age we flew Dora across Australia to go on holidays with us and she adjusted perfectly. We take Dora everywhere with us, the local kids park where she readily receives cuddles from every child there, the beach, and city walks. Dora is such a beautiful looking dog, she attracts so much attention, everyone wants a pat! Dora is excellent with my children.


Our experience with Kathryn and Shanti Soul kennels has been such a positive experience. Kathryn is exceptionally devoted to TM's, she is incredibly experienced with this breed with an endless amount of knowledge. Kathryn has helped us out so much with Dora, from selecting the perfect puppy for us, to advise on food, training, travel, and growth rates. Kathryn is always willing to answer any questions we have, no matter how silly! We are about to start showing Dora - this has only been possible with all the help and advice from Kathryn on every aspect on dog shows. Kathryn, Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!

Tim & Jolene Owner of Dora

Alex & BooBoo BooBoo

I am the lucky owner of one of SHANTI SOUL Tibetan Mastiffs and would like to take this opportunity to comment briefly on the experience.

My association with Kathryn and her wonderful dogs came about through the recommendation of another breeder that recommended the quality and breeding of Kathryn’s dogs. Those words of recommendation proved quite accurate as I reviewed the breeding lines, poise and size, and extraordinary records of achievement of all her dogs at the most challenging levels in Europe and Australia.

As a person, I found Kathryn very approachable, warm, and immensely dedicated to the breed. She kept us informed at all times as to how things were progressing, and really made us feel that we were part of the extended family. Lots of photos and chit chat really helped!

Her care and support continued as the pups developed and were made ready to go to their new homes. We were delighted with the care she took in terms of socialization as well as their toilet training.


Kathryn’s care and devotion to her dogs was clearly evident in the quality of our pup, and his well-rounded, peaceful and well-socialised nature. And it didn’t all stop there! Kathryn has continued to assist us as we start in the hobby of showing dogs.

I really cannot think of anything more that anybody could ask from Kathryn and Shanti Soul. Excellent breeding lines, excellent character, and excellent support. Altogether, a bloody marvel …

Alex Owner of Shanti Soul Bears Golden Guard “BooBoo”


Keisha is a delightful girl with a sweet disposition and perfect conformation. She is by far the best black and tan bitch we have seen in Australia . Keisha’s bloodlines and attributes add to the Shanti Soul story in a very positive way.

Keisha came to us mostly house trained, well nourished and well socialized; she just clicked with our pack straight away. Our 2 year old Rottweiler Buster has got a new best mate and Keisha has become the darling of the whole neighborhood.

While Panda is the leading TM in the show ring right now, what impressed us most about the Shanti Soul dogs was their excellent temperaments, their perfect grace and their overall robustness as a breed. We don’t have much positive experience with “pedigree dogs” but we are delighted with our little angel.

The TM is far and away the most difficult, ill-disciplined and self-absorbed breed on the planet; I would counsel anyone looking for a dog for obedience or agility trials to get a German Shepherd or a Collie. However, for their many, many flaws they are the best companion dog I’ve ever had; these dogs have personality, soul and are a great addition to any family. Keisha is our darling; she is a little person with paws. She is precocious, willful and a lot of a handful but we would never trade her, not for all the tea in China .

Keisha has a personality more gigantic than even her size allows for; she is self-confident, assertive, playful, naughty, sweet and cute. She is much more than a dog; she really is a fur kid. As for Kathryn, she has been wonderfully helpful, nurturing and caring friends (and a little over protective of her babies at times)!!

We would now count Kathryn as a dear friend and we look forward to continuing this friendship for many years

One of the best parts of the Shanti Soul experience was the time that Kathryn spent selecting our puppy for us; we got exactly the puppy we didn’t want; I wanted a boisterous and playful male, Kathryn gave me the calmest, most social and cutest female but she is just right for our family. She is every bit the scallywag I wanted and has brought real joy to our lives; once again Kathryn, many thanks.

Ed & Lyn owners of Shanti Soul Bear's Golden Beauty

Indira & Alex

I am the proud owner of a Shanti Soul Tibetan Mastiff from their first litter August 2009.

I have owned different breeds, Indira is my first Tibetan Mastiff and owning her has been an eye opener. She is regal and stunning in appearance until she does something naughty and then she turns on the charm. Those innocent eyes gazing at you from under her eyebrows is enough to melt the coldest heart. I cannot fault her temperament. When at home she switches on guarding mode protecting her property and myself, but out and about she is the most gentle, placid, easy-going dog I and many others have ever met.

Indira & Ruff

Her structure and movement are spectacular and she is proving her worth at dog shows winning puppy in group twice by her 5th show. The judges see past my inexperience as a handler and award Indira because she is such an outstanding example of the breed. Kathryn is and has been a fantastic source of support and knowledge and is a wonderful warm person whose love and respect for the breed is amazing.

I was going through a tough time when I decided to get my 'one day' breed of dog and I don't think anything could have mended my heart the way Indira has. She is a part of me as I am of her.

Indira & Alex

Sarah owners of Shanti Soul Bears Golden Gem


Gum Mo is my joy. He is a very outgoing and CHEEKY puppy and everyone loves him! We thank Kathryn for him and very much intend to get another TWO TMs from Kathryn.

Gummy Gummy Gummy

She has the World's BEST TM lines right here in Australia. She has worked hard to know and become close friends with TM people all around the World and her knowledge and appreciation of this special breed is wonderful.

We have waited a long time for someone to make this breed great in Australia and now we have that person and because of it, wonderful wonderful TMs.

Brother BooBoo & Gummy

Our Gum Mo (Gummy) is a clown, always making people laugh and me smile.

I love him very much.

Ming Shum owner of Shanti Soul Bears Golden Flame


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