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Our Imports

Panda, Goldie & Indigo

The Tibetan Mastiff gene pool around the world is not large but here in Australia imports are essential aspects of ensuring the continuing well being of the breed.

Importing dogs is extremely expensive, time consuming and heart wrenching.

Troy and I wanted to give something to this breed; we all do, and so we chose to import.

Indigo leaving Estonia Indigo

Luckily I was overseas when I was trying to secure my next puppy. Part of my decision to leave Lebanon was the kind of life, risks and veterinary care I could give our dogs there versus what I felt they deserved. So before getting my new puppy I moved.

Baby PandaWell that puppy turned into 2 puppies! …. Somehow!

I was very lucky to be able to bring my pups up, with Bear’s help of course, in relative safety, with wonderful veterinary care, excellent food and opportunities for socialisation.

When you live in Australia and want to import into Australia you have to be without your pup until he or she is roughly 10 or 11 months. Luckily I was living overseas which meant I shared their puppy-hood with them which of course was simply a joy!

When I decided I wanted to return home I faced the fact that Australia is extremely hard to import dogs into.

The vaccinations, checks, blood tests and paperwork were expensive, especially as I was based on the border of Switzerland and France right near Geneva.

Baby Goldie6 months later I was able to leave for Australia but the dogs had to fly Geneva – London – Singapore – Sydney.

This was unacceptable, I could not make their trip longer than it absolutely had to be.

So I organised a courier to take them to Frankfurt where they could fly directly from there to Singapore and then Sydney. I made sure they did not arrive in often hot locations during the warm parts of the day. I spent countless hours on the phone to Swiss and German authorities and the State Vets from each country. To their knowledge this had not been done before and I needed clearance not only from Switzerland but done all over again in Germany. Two tags, two lots of zip locks and two loads of paperwork.

Then of course I was made aware that no planes leaving from Frankfurt would take three Giant Crates. They would take two and one Extra Large Crates but the 15 cm difference meant my dogs could not fly together.

Baby PandaThis meant the ‘pups’ (weighing about 50 kilos, Panda a little over and Goldie a little under) had to stay overnight in Frankfurt being looked after by lovely people who I phoned every two hours!!

In readiness for their flights they were crate trained everyday and for varying periods, they were given as many opportunities for confidence building and socialisation as we could offer them. I even took a day off work so that I could sedate them during the day to see if they would cope with the affects and time how long they would be ‘out’ for! I wanted to do this on a weekday so, if need be our normal vet would be available.

In the end I could not do this because after I found out about the flight options we opted for via Frankfurt and if a plane can’t fit in three Giant sized crated then our car sure wouldn’t AND the Swiss Government Vet had to personally lock them in!

Dogs can’t fly if they look groggy or unwell so unless you are there to administer the sedative it’s a no go. Also you don’t want your dogs coming round and not remembering how they got to be inside a plane and given the time it takes to get to Aus – well I decided against it!

Panda 10 mos Goldie 11 mos

The wait to hear they had gotten to Australia was AWFUL but they arrived unscathed and visiting them in quarantine was both wonderful and heart breaking.

Our dogs, because of course Goldie came into season, were in not allowed to be together, they were lonely, bored, scared and I had to leave them after every visit with our youngest at the time: Panda howling his heart out. Luckily though near the end of quarantine and, after a bath for Goldie and some measures to cover her 'was in season' scent, Panda could in the exercise area with her and it was almost like old times!

I had to wait to give Goldie her birthday teddy because the day of her 1st birthday I was not allowed to visit as that day was completely booked out in advance (but please don't tell Goldie - she now thinks her birthday is much later in December!!)

Visiting Panda in quarantine Quarantine
Quarantine Visiting Goldie in quarantine

But it all worked out and I am sure this experience is harder on the puppy parents than the dogs themselves!

I am proud of our imports. I waited a long time for them; I built a strong relationship with the breeders of our dogs and trust them.

I picked out Panda and Goldie and have to thank their breeders for everything they did for me.

Not that it matters but Panda and Indi have a Multi European Country and Junior World Winner as their father and a World Winner for a Grand dad. I am in love with about all of their ancestors and feel proud that these two come from truly inspiring dogs.


Junior World Winner Cambu Sundari


World Winner Drakyi Senge Sundari

Our Goldie Girl too has a World Champion for a dad. He and his father are also Multi European Country Champions and have reputations as being stunning examples of the breed.


World Winner Mimayin Strazce z Tibetu


Multi Champion Falco Strazce z Tibetu

For years I have been close friends with a very special lady. Her name is Ming Shum.

Together we co-own a number of dogs. Ming is always at the end of a phone to share in the joys these dogs bring and to congratulate the dogs on their show successes. Ming leaves her slippers and tooth brush in our spare bedroom as she is part of our family and we love it when she comes to visit the dogs.


Seng Khri Fei Lian

Aslan, our first LION (and non bear!) came from famous kennel Seng Khri - same as our Goldie. He is a sweetheart. He is huge, hairy and a hell of a lotta dog! Eva honoured us with one of her very best. He is a gorgeous dog and we are proud to have him. He has superb structure, enormous coat and mane and breathtaking movement. He also has a big heart. His half brother was the most awarded Tibetan Mastiff in the history of the breed with many Best in Show wins. Aslan's full sister is a World Champion and his father a World Champion.

Our Fozzie Bear is such a GOOFBALL! Just seeing him makes you happy! He is tall, strong and beautifully put together. He was very successful in the US before coming to us and has done so well in Australia. He has large, cheerful eyes and an expression of welcome and fun! We love our Fozzie Bear.


Dawa Fozzie Chongyi for Shanti Soul

Blackwood - well what do you say about the most immature and silly Tibetan Mastiff on the planet?!!! He is funny, crazy and like no other. But Blackwood (Blackie) is also so incredibly loving and confident. Blackwood was the best puppy from the absolute best TM kennel is Taiwan. Legend Wu, from Vih Yj Chu Kennels has honoured Ming, Troy and I by allowing us to choose from all of his puppies and bring this exceptional TM to Australia. Blackwood already has an impressive show career and he is only still very young. A Best In Show 2 at such a young age is a superb achievement. Troy and I are thankful to Legend Wu and Ming for this lovely boy, noted by one as "a Game Changer" - we are happy to share our lives with this special boy.


Blackwood & his breeder


Bertrad of Yihjy Chu

From our research and efforts we are simply very very lucky to have these imports here as part of our family and kennel.


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