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We formally started showing Bear at the age of 12 months. Three months later he was an Australian Champion! In these three months he had taken out a Best in Group 6, a serious achievement for a rare breed in Australia at the time and made even more remarkable due to his age! In this time he had also taken out a Best Junior in Group 6 and a Best Junior in Show.

Since then Bear has won a numerous Best Juniors in Group 6 and Best Intermediates in Group 6, a Best Intermediate in Show and Ausbred in Show and BEST IN SHOW - all at All Breeds Championship Shows!

Since he become an Australian Champion, due to commitments, we only show Bear about one in every 12 Championship Shows he has obtained over 600 points!

He has taken out 6 of the 7 Royal Shows he has entered:


Royal Sydney Show 2007

Royal Toowoomba Show 2007

Royal Melbourne Show 2006

Royal Brisbane Show 2006

Royal Launceston Show 2005

Royal Hobart Show 2005


We are very proud of what Bear has achieved in only 2 years of showing.



While there Bear participated in a few great shows.

His first European Show was in France at a Specialty Show with over 100 Tibetan Mastiffs. Bear came 3rd in Open Class.

2 weeks later in Switzerland at a dog show with 2,000 dogs Bear won BOB on both days 2 X CACs and CACIBs – half way to becoming a Swiss Champ but did not stay in Europe for a year and so could not achieve this title as such titles in France and Switzerland require participation in shows from a minimum of one year and one day.

On the Saturday Bear qualified for the Prestigious “Crufts” Show in the U.K.

He has also done well in Austria and now has his Luxembourg Championship.

He has done more than enough to make us proud all over again though and we could not love him anymore than we already do!


Bear Photos

"From our little man to show winner to best friend"

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Kyeho Sir Lancelot

G Grandparents
Kyeho the Magician
Sierra's Blackhawke
Miram of Gayaum Kennels
Sierra's Dances With Wolves
Khantehk Shebana Jin Kai
Baghan Sundar
Sanredino Banda Pasang
Darchen Kyeho Leonora
Chokola Karuna
Samantabhadra's Cchem-Po Nyi Lukpa
Chokola Kang Sha Men
Heronsview Black Magic of Darchen
Jhelum Ben Son De La Chevauchee Des Dieux
Kangchung Lady Cleo Of Heronsview


Pedigree Photos

Bear Ancestors

Bear Facts

Bear is an exceptional TM and a huge part of our family.

Born: 1st July 2004

Temperament: Calm, Loving, Gentle but a real TM! (Aloof and rather pompous with strangers!)

Best Friend: His Uncle Matt and Pete

Land Speed: Remarkably fast over 10m (meters not miles!)

Hobbies: Eating and acting the fool

Most Loved Pastime: Lying on back getting belly rub or thinking of Tibet while receiving a 5 minute scalp massage. Also revels in ripping the stuffing out of loving bought soft toys that squeek!

Favourite Food: Tasmanian salmon (smoked or steaks) and Beef Sirloin and 3 (when he's vvvery lucky) and 3 tiny bits of doughnut - only once!!

Wants to Be When Grows Up: Policeman! Can sense when someone needs to be watched closely. Excellent guard dog with 'big bark!' Gently knocks other dogs out of they way if he deems them to be playing together too roughly! Also likes medicine and often heals by tongue friend "Sweatheart's" sore ear!



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