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Goldie showed beautifully in France in her very first show 2 X RU for Best Baby Puppy in Breed in her two shows in Switzerland. Since then she has won in Austria, Hungary and Switzerland, qualified for Crufts and won the Best Junior at the European Dog Show. She is also doing well in Australia!


Goldie Photos

"From Hopes and Dreams to Fur and Reality"

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Sengkhri Dkon Mcog

G Grandparents
Mimayin Strazce z Tibetu
Falco Strazce z Tibetu
Corey v. Altnaharra
Annabell Strazce z Tibetu
Chua-Jen Strazce z Tibetu
Drakyi Mufasa
Bali Alatna
Ban-Renu Sundari
Popay de Yuwenchi
Chariowald Of Pi Sheng Kennel
Blido of Pi Sheng Kennel
Drakyi Black Princess Sundari
Sno-Lyon Drakyi Ghengis
Drakyi Ebony Noire


Goldie Pedigree Photos

Falco Strazce z Tibetu



Goldie Facts

Aka “Wiggly Waggly” - When she first sees us – or my mum,
her tail starts going crazy and does not stop for about 5 minutes!

Goldie is an amazing TM who is very large but will always be "Our little girl".

Born: 12th December 2007

Temperament: Goldie is the most loving TM I have known but also determined, proud and protective of our property. Barks at "threats" on the other side of our fence!

Best Friend: Panda

Land Speed: Not sure but fairly fast!

Hobbies: Sitting on the couch with Dad, uplifting drain covers and destroying them!

Most Loved Pastime: Pulling on Panda's ears, walking past Bear and poking her nose in his face just to see what his reaction will be!

Favourite Food: Garlic chicken and BONES

Biggest Crime So Far: She stole our hearts.

Our Favourite Thing She Does: When either I come home she races to the front door, sits down, looks up at the door handle, her tail wiggly waggling until I open it. Melts our heart every time we see her do it!

Our Favourite Goldie Bad Habit!: Although we shouldn't we just can't help but laugh when we find shredded tissues and toilet paper which Goldie has hunted out and taken great pleasure in leaving all over our house or yard!

Our Favourite Thing To Do With Her: Morning cuddles.

Damage So Far: Too many tissues and toilet paper rolls to count. Garden wood surrounds - 0: Goldie - 5!!

Wants to Be When Grows Up: Official Fort Knox Guard! Loves to tell people: "Hey, this is our place, you just go away now!" Or United Nations Peace Keeper (When Bear growls at Panda or I tell Bear how lazy he is, Goldie wiggle waggles her way between the two factions and SMILES at each as if saying to Bear: "He was just licking your face to say hello" or to me: "But mum, Bear did not get off his big bottom to come when you called cos I am SURE he did not hear you! He is here NOW though so all is well that ends well!"


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