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In short, we think Blackwood is a bit of a star! He has an incredible presence and he and Troy in the ring is a joy to behold. Blackwood's love for Troy and Troy's love for him in return is so very obvious. It makes showing worthwhile to see such a connection.

At even a young age in 2012 Blackwood won:

  • Best of Breed at the Melbourne Royal
  • A Runner Up Best In Show
  • Many Best In Group Wins

We share this pride with Ming and Legend Wu


Blackie Photos

"Blackwood, a dog who has changed our lives."

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AUS CH RU in SHOW Bertrad of Yihjy Chu

G Grandparents
Tao of Yihjy Chu
Belial of Yihjy Chu
Gawain of yihjy Chu
Sheue-Lih of Yihjy Chu
Edgar of Tian Gongji
Garm of Ya Teng
Bardo of Tian Gongji
Nelda of Yihjy Chu
Belial of Yihjy Chu
Gawain of yihjy Chu
Sheue-Lih of Yihjy Chu
Alfsol of yihjy Chu
Tsu-Guu of Yihjy Chu
Der-Yih of Yihjy Chu


Blackie Pedigree Photos


Blackie Facts

Aka “Wacky Blackie”

Blackwood is one big dog. He is tall but so well proportioned. He has enormous bone and wonderful pigmentation of coat. He has that lovely jet black with deep tan coat but it is his deep dark brown eyes which search your soul and draws you in. Blackie takes no time to get to know you. He loves everyone instantly. Blackie loves with his whole heart and his whole body. He jumps up to hug you in his greeting, but be careful not to get head butted in his exuberance! He paws at you to shake hands and he smiles with his eyes as if to say; 'thanks for coming to see me'. Blackie is a wonderful dog. One we have been blessed to know and love.

Born: 13th November 2010

Temperament: Fun loving, goofy, silly, playful.

Best Friend: He loves his son Bundy, but he is friends with anyone who will play with him and let him pull their manes.

Land Speed: Well - he thinks he's fast and that's all that matters :)

Hobbies: Being silly, acting the clown.

Most Loved Pastime: Watching him interact with our young son Hunter and our baby Chase. Oh, also observing how gentle such a big, clumsy dog can be with baby puppies. He is so very very tender and nurturing with them. We were so surprised!

Favourite Food: Chicken frames.

Our Favourite Blackie Bad Habit!: Well he doesn't really know how to play with the other dogs without annoying them slightly so he just keeps trying and the more he keeps trying the more annoying he becomes.

Our Favourite Thing To Do With Him: Play with soft toys with him. He just loves them!

Most Impressive Skill: How knotty he is able to get behind his ears in no time at all. I am not sure how he manages this but he does! His coat is so soft and long behind his ears it can knot easily, but how quickly after a brush he gets messy, well it's just a Blackie thing!

Damage So Far: Nothing to report! I can't believe I am able to write this!

Wants to Be When Grows Up: Even more ridiculous!!


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