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Panda was a star from the his very first show at 3.5 months coming RU Best Male Baby Puppy in Specialty Show.

Two weeks later in 2 shows in Switzerland, he was Best Baby Puppy on both days and while we only stayed for Best in Show on the Saturday, due to the long drive home, he was the youngest in the line up but was Best Baby Puppy in Show 3!


Panda Photos

"From Estonia to Italy to Switzerland to France to Sydney
Australia and then Tasmania!"

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Chenporewa Hum Heart of Shanti Soul

G Grandparents
Cambu Sundari
Drakyi Senge Sundari
Drakyi Darth Vader Minbari
Dakota Sioux
Aya de Yuwenchi
Bravo of Pi Sheng Kennel
Chatte of Pi Sheng Kennel
Bodhicita Sundari
Popay de Yuwenchi
Chariowald Of Pi Sheng Kennel
Blido of Pi Sheng Kennel
Drakyi Black Princess Sundari
Sno-Lyon Drakyi Ghengis
Drakyi Ebony Noire


Panda Pedigree Photos

Panda Ancestors


Panda Facts

Aka “Pandie”

Panda’s show name is ‘Heart’ because he is the heart of our kennel Shanti Soul and always in our heart.

Panda is truly massive. We had names for ‘our next boy’ – we did not know this was going to be this boy! We fell in love with Cambu and Bodhicita but over the next week changed our minds from definitely getting one puppy to TWO and from Chenporewa, not a girl but a BOY!

His mum and dad both reminded us of huge Panda Bears as they are both so strong in the rear with such a long, all over coat. Hence the name ‘Panda’ was for us!!

Born: 7th January 2008

Temperament: The word which describes Panda best is ‘Sweet’ He is our Sweet Panda Boy If Panda went to school he would be the Class Clown!

Best Friend: Goldie

Land Speed: Surprisingly fast and dare I say it… ‘streamlined’?

Hobbies: Eating, Playing and being Funny!! Most Loved Pastime: Cuddles with mum and dad and playing with Goldie now she is not bigger than him and can’t push him over so much!

Favourite Food: Cooked chicken with a sprinkle of garlic but he just LOVES his food!

Biggest Crime So Far: Taking someone else’s paws – he has the fattest paws I have ever seen on a TM – we think he might be a Black Saint Bernard in disguise!

Our Favourite Panda Bad Habit!: Following me when I go upstairs to do house work or for a shower. Just seems to want to be with me always (well when he isn’t playing with Goldie or the other friends who visit). But I would have to say our FAVOURITE Panda ‘bad habit’ would be him coming over, looking lovingly up at us, resting his head on our knee before LAUNCHING himself onto our lap! Somehow we never thought we’d have to explain to a Tibetan Mastiff that he is not a light little lap dog, but there you go!!

Our Favourite Thing To Do With Him: His stares! He makes you fall in love with him due to his long, close up stares. He looks deep into your eyes and shares a moment with those he loves. We also love that Panda is so casual about things and is so comfortable in his own fur. He just loves the life he has been given and that makes us feel great!

Most Impressive Skill: Weeing (in front of a growing crowd) for 2.5 minutes. Yep, 150 FULL ‘one elephant, two elephants…150 elephants’ seconds! He went on for so long we couldn’t believe it and started laughing after about a minute, but he would not be swayed, he just kept going, and going… and going! At less than 4 months we did not think his bladder could possibly hold this much!!

Damage So Far: Scratches to back door and bites taken out of door step in RENTAL HOUSE!!!!!!! Might as well give them our wallet!

Wants to Be When Grows Up: Gigilo! No, Panda I think is more of a family man, two kids and the wife! When he loves he loves completely. He has no burning ambition but if he HAD to work most probably his ‘day job’ would be either a stunt man! You should just see the tumbles and forward rolls he comes up with when he is playing with Bear and Goldie! Another option would be in slap-stick comedy – he makes us laugh by this antics and his funny his body language, with his big fat paws and his clown feet! Plus he just loves to make people smile.


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